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Double Knife Set: 6.5" Chef Knife & 7" Bunka All-Purpose Knife, Handmade Stainless Steel

by Amelio Cutlery
Austin, TX

Two knives come in this set: 6.5" Chef Knife and 7" Bunka Knife

About the 6.5" Chef Knife

The shape of our 6.5" Chef lends itself to a variety of different tasks. To accommodate this versatility, it has a slightly thicker blade featuring a slightly convex grind aiding in food release while creating a sturdy edge.

AEB-L Stainless Steel

G10 Handle

HRC: 62 - 63

Weight: 6.6oz

Spine Width: .090"

Blade Height: 2.25"

Blade Length: 6.5" / 165mm

Overall Length: 13.75" / 298mm

About the 7" Bunka Knife

The wide Bunka blade works well chopping vegetables and meat filets. The soft curve in the edge offers a great platform for slicing and rock chopping. A truly versatile, Eastern-inspired knife. 

 AEB-L Stainless Steel blade

 G10 Handle

HRC: 62 - 63

Weight: 7.9oz

Spine Width: .090"

Blade Height: 2.25"

Blade Length: 7.5" / 190mm

Overall Length: 12.75" / 324mm

Always hand wash blades. The heat and abrasives in dishwashers can be catastrophic to the construction of the knife. To avoid unnecessary scratches use a non-abrasive sponge. With your hand away from the edge, wipe down the length of the blade. Promptly dry after washing, do not allow the knife to drip dry.

After a few uses, stropping the blade will quickly return a razor sharp edge. Using the strop will also help the edge last longer between sharpening sessions. When stropping only light pressure and a few passes are needed. Add a diamond grit or buffing compound to speed up the process and produce a keen edge.

Whetstones offer the most flexibility of all sharpening systems. The user has full control of the part of the edge they work on and the angle at which they sharpen. So you can give extra attention to the portion you use most and customize the angle of the edge to suit your cutting, slicing or chopping needs. This is key in preserving the life of the blade.