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Texas Olive Ranch Everyday Use Olive Oil 2L 2 pack

by Texas Olive Ranch
Carrizo Springs, TX

Father son duo Jim and Josh Henry produce some the finest olive oils around right here in the Lone Star State. Texans are generally of the opinion that we can do almost anything in Texas as well as it is done anywhere else. Jim put this idea into practice after visiting southern Spain (The Olive Mecca) and being reminded of south Texas. He returned with an unwaivering mission of producing the purest Extra Virgin Olive Oil ever produced in the US and some of the finest in the world. They currently tend over 100,000 olive trees across Texas. 


Meet your new pantry staple. Our Everyday Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil means you don’t have to sacrifice quality in your daily life. 

  • Versatility meets Quality, bottled
  • 100% Arbequina from Texan and Argentine olives
  • Grown Naturally (without chemicals or GMOs)


A balance of freshness, fruit, and slight spice.

Great Enough for Every Day

Our Everyday Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the social butterfly of food. It’s smooth enough to season any dish, but has enough depth of flavor for drizzling. We dare you to find a flavor that’s not compatible with our Arbequina. 

We’ve worked hard to make our Everyday Use Arbequina the best it can be so that it’s a breeze for you to use. Our crop in Argentina makes it possible for us to offer you high-quality extra virgin olive oil at an everyday price. 

When you’re working with quality ingredients like our Everyday Use Arbequina, you don’t need a lot of time or skill to whip up something delicious every day. Our extra virgin olive oil has a high enough smoke point to be your workhorse in the kitchen, but it’s sophisticated enough to add flair to any meal. Use it to cook, sauté, roast, drizzle, or finish dishes every day.