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Texas Olive Ranch Arbequina Olive Oil 250ml 2 pack

by Texas Olive Ranch
Carrizo Springs, TX

Father son duo Jim and Josh Henry produce some the finest olive oils around right here in the Lone Star State. Texans are generally of the opinion that we can do almost anything in Texas as well as it is done anywhere else. Jim put this idea into practice after visiting southern Spain (The Olive Mecca) and being reminded of south Texas. He returned with an unwaivering mission of producing the purest Extra Virgin Olive Oil ever produced in the US and some of the finest in the world. They currently tend over 100,000 olive trees across Texas. Read more about their story.


Our classic Arbequina olive oil is the varietal that started it all. It was the first olive tree that we planted on our Texas ranch, and it continues to thrive. We love the Arbequina varietal because of its fresh and well-balanced flavor. You will be amazed at the finishing taste it will bring to your dishes.


  • Single-Varietal Arbequina
  • Highest Standard of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cold-Pressed (below 83 degrees)
  • First-Pressing of Olives Only
  • Olives Grown Responsibility and Without Chemicals
  • Non-GMO and Natural Growing Process
  • Low in Acidity (0.2%) and High in Polyphenols


Buttery, Earthy, Peppery, Fruity


Our most versatile extra virgin olive oil. You name it, it’s perfect for it. Lovely on salads, pastas, breads, meats, vegetables, and even fruits.


South Texas’s Carrizo Springs provides the ideal environment and conditions for growing the purest, most delicious extra virgin olive oil under the sun. We carefully pick our ranch grown olives at the peak of ripeness and richness for the boldest and most authentic full-flavored Arbequina. Read more about The Texas Olive Ranch Way.