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Laundry Soap - 3 pack - made from all natural ingredients

by StouderHouse
Salado, TX

Laundry Soap - 3 pack - 2lb each

Our laundry soap is naturally low-sudsing, so it is perfectly safe to use in your high-efficiency machine, as well as the traditional top-loader.  Our non-detergent soap is phosphate free and leaves your clothes clean and very lightly scented with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Great for those with sensitive skin!

The scoop is included in the bag.  Use one scoop of soap for a regular load.  You can safely add oxygen cleaners, bleach, OR ammonia as needed or desired.

Ingredients:  sodium borate (a mineral), sodium carbonate (soda ash), StouderHouse Cleaning Soap (food grade fats, food grade lye, distilled water, fuller’s earth clay, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, mineral oxide color), 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils

Good to know:

Oxygen cleaners only fully dissolve in very hot water.

Never mix bleach and ammonia.  The fumes are deadly.