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Dryland Wilds Hand Balm

by Dryland Wilds
Albuquerque, NM

Dryland Wilds makes products from dryland plants in New Mexico. 

Our botanical hand balm contains all organic oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes, sustainably sourced ingredients and hand-blended desert perfumes featuring our own wildcrafted macerations, distillations and enfleurage.  Packaged in a 2 oz reusable round metal tin.

No synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever. Choose from 3 hand balms below:

Cottonwood bud hand balm - NEW!

Cottonwood bud smells like sun-warmed soil and new leaves.  The original Balm of Gilead, this traditional New Mexican salve calms and repairs dry, cracked skin. 

Greasewood hand balm 

Greasewood is a highly revered dryland plant that gently mends dry cracked skin and smells like desert dust and summer rain. 

Honey mesquite hand balm     

With chocolatey-cinnamon sweet pods and sap traditionally used on chapped skin and sunburn, honey mesquite makes a nourishing and delicious balm for overworked skin.  


What We do at Dryland Wilds:

Make desert perfume from dryland plants in New Mexico.  Using distillation, enfleurage and maceration, and tincturing we pull fragrance from the plants we harvest, blending these extracts with other botanicals (essentials oils, concretes + absolutes) to capture the desert’s real scents of place. 

Handcraft botanical soaps, balms, and oils in small batches with organic oils and handmade desert perfumes.  We use no synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever.

Practice and teach sustainable wildcrafting and wilderness skills in the high desert, prioritizing invasive and common plants for our fragrance harvests.  We also help private landowners by removing invasives from their land and teach the many uses of these hated plants.  

Work towards less waste in our world, hand-rendering tallow for our soaps from a local butcher (that would otherwise be thrown away), packaging in compostable paper tubes, glass and metal reusable containers and shipping with eco-alternatives to plastic.  

Sleep on the sand of desert canyons, search for hours in an ocean of sagebrush for the most fragrant plants, roast piñon nuts, skin prickly pears and drink acorn coffee by a campfire (surrounded by stars, howling coyotes and miles of pristine desert). We love it here and want to bring you the real desert perfumes of this place we call home.