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Pecan Brittle - 16 oz or 24 oz - choose 3 pack, 6 pack, or 12 pack.


The Fulmer family began making peanut brittle in the 1920s, so it’s safe to say this recipe has been perfected over the past century. The goal is to have the thinnest, best tasting brittle around, which they accomplish with an exact peanut to brittle ratio. 

Pecan Brittle will be light, sweet, and rich with the flavor of pecans. With only five ingredients, pecan brittle is simple and delicious. Eating it straight out of the package is the most common practice, though you can get creative and use it as a crumble on all types of desserts.

FLAVOR: Pecan brittle
AMOUNT: 16 oz -or- 24 oz
PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: sugar, corn syrup, pecan nuts, soda, salt

Fulmer Candy Company Story

Our Story starts in the 1920's with Granny Fulmer working in a candy factory with her sisters.  As the years went by she perfected her recipes making some of the best brittle found.  We have carried on the Fulmer recipes now for over three generations and have added to them over the years.  Our goal is to have the thinnest, best tasting, quality gourmet brittles and sweets around.