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Beba's Pfresh Salsa - 100% natural, fresh ingredients - 4 pack - choose your flavors. Each jar is 16oz

by Beba's Pfresh Salsa
Pflugerville, TX

4 pack - Four 16oz jars - choose your flavors

Beba’s Pfresh Salsa is traditional and authentic Mexican salsa. With a new twist on old family recipes, you’ll be amazed by the fresh and unique flavor of our product cooked in Pflugerville, Texas.

All of Beba’s Salsas are made with 100% natural, fresh ingredients. None of her salsas include any additives, imitations, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. All salsas are gluten-free with no added sugar. After opening, each jar will last in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks – and have an unopened shelf life of up to a year.

Mild Tomato: Made with Jalapeno pepper but is mild and enjoyed by young children. It can be used with just about everything (Beba’s husband loves this salsa sauteed with his pork chops). Since the flavor is so rich and natural, you can taste all of the fresh ingredients.

Hot Tomato: This is a hot-medium salsa made with serrano peppers. It is great for cooking, chips, and is a go-to snack when Beba entertains friends and family. This salsa is the most popular flavor due to it’s slight ‘kick’ paired with the natural flavorings from fresh garlic cloves(not powdered), cilantro, onions, sea salt, red wine vinegar, and serrano peppers.

Green Jalapeno: This salsa is made with serrano and jalapeno peppers. It is best on breakfast tacos, chilequiles, and hamburgers. The hottest salsa that Beba offers makes a great addition to any meal.

Red Jalapeno: This is a very authentic recipe made with red jalapenos and habenero peppers. This is one of Beba’s favorites, and is great on a wide variety of foods including spaghetti sauce, chili dogs, pizza, soups, and even french fries. This is one of the hottest salsas that Beba makes and is described as a ‘sweet-hot’ that will add a unique flavor to any food.

Tomatillo: Mild Salsa Verde is best on baked chicken, tamales, and chips. Some of Beba’s frequent customers even say they like this on their salads! Made with jalapenos but is mild and flavorful.


The Story of How Beba's Salsa Came to be:

Maria Silva is originally from San Luis Potosí, Mexico and has been in United States for years. She worked for the State of Texas for nearly 20 years before finding her passion of creating and selling the maiden name family’s original salsa recipe.

In the summer of 2013, Maria’s husband’s company had an employee appreciation day which included a salsa contest. Maria did not enter, but her husband, Lawrence, secretly rolled the dice on her behalf and took first place out of 5 contestants with what is today kind of salsa. This is when the Silva family knew they had something to offer.

Shortly afterwards, Lawrence’s co-workers were requesting Maria’s salsa on a daily basis. So, she began to think about selling the salsa. In a moment of hesitation, her teenage daughter’s support propelled the project forward. (Thanks Madison!)

It was a Thursday in month when Maria sent 5 jars of salsa, price stickers included, to work with Lawrence. About an hour after his arrival he called Maria to ask for 5 more jars. To be ready the next day! The following week, he left work with an order list of 20 jars. With every consecutive week the orders were growing. Today, Beba’s Pfresh Salsa is sold across the Texas hill country in small grocery and specialty stores and at several weekly farmer’s markets.

Wondering where our name came from? Beba is Maria’s nickname. It is a term of endearment meaning “sweetheart”. Lawerence has called her “Beba” for their 19 year marriage to show his love. Deciding to name our salsa Beba’s was simple. The Silva family lives in Pflugerville, Texas and Beba’s Pfresh was born and has grown in Pflugerville. Even through our rapid growth we’ve continued to make our salsa “Pfresh” each week.

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