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Barrier Balm - 4 pack - made from all natural ingredients

by StouderHouse
Salado, TX

Barrier Balm - 4 pack - 2oz each

Barrier Balm is a superb multi-purpose ointment. We use it mostly for sun protection, though the FDA won't allow us to call it sunscreen until we go through their expensive and time-consuming testing process. Created by Mama to protect our skin from the hot, Texas sun while working, playing sports, and enjoying the local rivers. We have also used it on vacation while enjoying winter sports to protect from the sun and wind.


Sun protection 
After-sun therapy 
Rough patches 
Make-up base 
Diaper ointment 

Customers have reported great success using Barrier Balm to protect injured skin as it heals.

Barrier Balm is also wonderful as a diaper ointment due to the zinc oxide in the recipe.

Our zinc is pure and non-nano sized, so it won't absorb into your skin - it stays on the surface as a barrier.

Ingredients: coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil from the Central Texas Olive Ranch, 100% natural sun-bleached beeswax, shea butter and pure zinc oxide.

Totally fragrance-free.

Note:  This product does NOT contain any chemical emulsifiers or stabilizers. In colder weather, the balm may become grainy feeling. This is a natural reaction of the oils to the cooler temperatures. The balm will melt when rubbed into the warmth of your skin.

Not tested by any federal agency. Tested on family and friends.