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All Natural Dishwasher Powder - 3 pack

by StouderHouse
Salado, TX

All Natural Dishwasher Powder - 3 pack - 32 oz each

StouderHouse Dishwashing Powder was designed with health in mind, so it contains only natural cleaners and powerful 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  Our non-detergent powder is phosphate-free and surfactant-free; so it's good for you, safe for septics, and safe for the environment.  As with all our products, it has been thoroughly tested by family and friends.  

The scoop is included in the bag.  Use one scoop of powder divided as needed between the prewash and main wash receptacles.  For best results with hard water, a rinse agent or vinegar rinse may be necessary. 

Ingredients:  sodium borate (a mineral), sodium carbonate (soda ash), sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, pure granulated salt, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils