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Wanted: Ungrocery Affiliate Marketers

Wanted: Ungrocery Affiliate Marketers

To any Amazon affiliates affected the recent rate cuts, let me be clear:


When I first read the news, I couldn’t believe it. Twitter confirmed both my surprise and reaction. Our team started sending articles back and forth in shock - and while we had “Affiliate program” in our tech wish list, our CTO said he could launch it in a week.

So if the Amazon cuts have hurt you, please come work with us. Are you interested? Do you want your work to help others? Well this is a David vs. Goliath moment and we’d love for you to be the threads of the sling.

We are a direct to consumer marketplace, shipping nationwide. We work with small and independent businesses. In fact, all the businesses we partner with currently have less than 10 employees. The cookies, the popcorn, the beef - they are single operator businesses in the great state of Texas run by Elisia, De J, and Logan. We run our marketplace efficiently to return the most amount of profit to the people actually growing, harvesting, or making the products. Since we are fulfilling straight from the source, we can sell foods that do not need to be shelf-life optimized, pumped full of sodium, or overly-processed, or as we call them, Ungrocery foods. 

If you are an affiliate marketer in food, pantry, home/health products or hygiene - let’s work together. You can email me directly - - or fill out this form.

We do things a little different here at Ungrocery - and one of those things is honoring our handshake.

Let's make a deal,

Tim, Ungrocery Co-Founder

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