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Thank You Mr. Knox

Thank You Mr. Knox

He truly sold a perfect product, though he was quick to tell you he was not the one who made it – the bees did.

James Knox’s honey was the very first product for sale on Ungrocery. He was well known in bee keeping circles of the East Coast and one perfect August day, he allowed us to capture his process in this video:

His honey extracting operation was both simple and efficient, utilizing gravity and centripetal force in an all-natural purification process. When dealing with his hives, he never wore gloves. In fact, we had to ask him to wear the mask for the video. As he barehanded bee-covered honeycomb straight from the hive, he explained that each hive had a different personality, kind of like people. It was clear he knew his hives, and to us, it seemed as if they knew him, too.

When we finished the final edit of his video, Ungrocery was in no place to handle growth. So we did not publish it. Instead, we waited and learned a valuable lesson: time waits for no one.

James Knox passed away Sunday, January 8, 2017. He was 84.

Thank you for giving us a weekend to visit you. We learned a lot about honey and even more about life. Our story begins with you, and we aim to honor your legacy.

James Knox impacted our company and me, Tim Felz, the cofounder of Ungrocery. Here’s my personal reaction: Honoring a Life Well-Lived .

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