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Peanut Brittle from a Master of Machines

Peanut Brittle from a Master of Machines

Most occasions when you get to see behind the curtains of a business, you leave with the thought of “oh yeah that makes sense”. When you leave Ken Fulmer’s candy shop in East Texas, you’re amazed because he built every piece of machinery himself. He is an impressive individual–experienced electrician, talented programmer, and an incredible problem solver. Doesn’t sound like your average peanut brittle maker.

Perhaps that’s why his peanut brittle is so delicious–he cares immensely about every detail of his process, even to the point where he measures his ingredients to the one hundredth decimal place to assure quality and consistency. And yes, the scale that measures to the one hundredth decimal place he built himself. Perhaps Milton S. Hershey’s spirit lives on in East Texas… When you watch the video below, you’ll his creations at work. His machine mixes ingredients, heats, stirs, and LEBRON SLAMS the 300 degree brittle onto a stainless steel table. Once on the table, Ken spreads the brittle twice: first immediately after the LEBRON SLAM to get the thickness to equal the peanuts, then by hand to get the desired thinness (which is a tad thinner than a shelled peanut). After twice spreading, he weighs it, bags it, and ships it.

We left with the thought that he could do anything he wishes given his skill set, and at the same time very thankful he’s choosing to make the sweet perfection of peanut brittle that carries his name.


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